UMG-Use of Marks Guideline:
The certificate that you have granted is valuable credit. In addition, the certificate indicates that your organization's management system is certified and meets the international standard requirements and along with the marks & logo is the property of BRS LLC.
Although the use of mark & logo is not required for a certified organization, it is necessary to create integrity in the use of the marks & logo among the audited client organizations and to prevent any possible misuse of the certified organization's certificate and BRS LLC credibility, which ultimately leads to destruction of validity of BRS LLC’s customers, the exact implementation of the of this guide is mandatory.
The execution of the terms specified in this guide is required in all communication media that the certified organization uses of marks & logo. A review of how mark & logo are used by certified organizations in each audit is a standard requirement and any deviation from this guide is identified as nonconformity.
General requirements:
  • The method of using the mark & logo should not be considered as a qualitative and functional confirmation of the products. Customers and final consumers of the certified organization must be informed & acknowledged that granted certificate implies on the quality management system is approved. In the event of any unrealistic impression, the ultimate responsibility is with the certified client organization.
  • In the use of mark & logo, mentioning the certificate tracking number/code is mandatory.
  • In order to maintain the visual integrity of the logo, consider at least an empty space with a bright background (preferably white) around the logo.
  • Insert the logo of the accreditation Body, which also includes the BRS LLC's approval code, along with the logo at the same size.
  • Inspection or calibration companies are not permitted to apply BRS LLC’s mark & logo on their laboratory test, calibration or inspection reports or certificates.
  • Upon suspension or withdrawal of certificate, the certified client organization shall discontinue mark & logo use especially of all advertising matter.
  • Upon reduction of the certificate scope of activity, the certified client organization is required to modify its advertising content.
  • The certified client organization shall not conduct its advertising in manner which implies that the certificate applies to activities and sites that are outside the scope of certificate.
Size and color of the mark & logo:
The mark & logo should be used in a way that is easily visible; since in different applications this size may be smaller or larger than the original size, it is better to maintain the necessary proportions in the usage, and its smallest and largest size is defined as a rule so that all companies comply with this principle:
1- The minimum height size of the logo is 12 mm.
2- For ease of use of the logo for all client organizations, usable colors are used. The color printout must be identical to the original logo file. Changing the logo colors is not allowed.
3- If you want to use logo with fewer colors or in black and white, BRS LLC provides a black and white logo file.
4- The logo shall be completely transparent and legible, and its contents shall not be changed.
Usage of mark & logo:
1- In letterheads, publications, reports, organization brochures;
2- In the introduction letters, the resume and the website;
3- On the badges and flags of the organization;
4- On organization exhibition and conference equipment;
5- On vehicles or permanent structures such as buildings;
6- On large boxes (secondary packaging) used for keeping, transporting several products with smaller packaging.
Insertion of mark & logo on the product or its original packaging is prohibited because of the consumers or end customers misleading possibility and implying of the product certificate.
Correct usage of mark & logo: