Impartiality is one of the core values and a key element in the ethical norms of BRS LLC. The Managing Director and all its personnel are committed to the full respect of the principles of impartiality and confidentiality and are obliged to prevent any occurrence that leads to a breach of the organization's activities impartiality in conduct the audit and certification process.
This task is responsibility to protect the credibility and brand of the organization, to ensure compliance with the rights of all customers and to comply with the legal and contractual requirements. Our structure, policies and procedures are designed to manage any conflicts of interest. Therefore, BRS LLC applies the following principles to maintain impartiality between business activities and certification:
  • Integrity
  • Due professional Care
  • Independence
  • Confidentiality
  • Being Impartial
  • Fairness
  • Responsiveness to interested parties
  • Evidence-based Approach
BRS LLC is committed to investigate and respond to any ambiguity in the violation of the principles of impartiality and confidentiality.
Managing Director